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Dating and marriage during the middle ages

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But these affairs were unknown to Honora’s friends and to all others, and the bishop of Kildare was therefore authorised to absolve Aedh, dispense from the impediments created by his pre-marital behaviour and permit the couple to contract marriage again.A number of cases were initiated by Gaelic Irish women who sought to have their husbands restored to them, sometimes after years of separation. She had been dismissed by her husband, Manus 6 Catha-in, without any court judgement and replaced by a concubine.O’Neill had married Margaret, daughter of Maghnus Mac Mathghamhna and had subsequently deserted her for a woman named Rose White.

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The church also defined those impediments which prevented individuals from validly contracting marriage.

But how do you know when God has united a man and a woman in matrimony, or, in other words, what constitutes a marriage?

The matrimonial bond was created by the consent of the two parties, freely given, preferably expressed in a public ceremony.

Obviously if one partner had married before and the spouse was still living, it was impossible to enter upon a second marriage.

Those who had taken solemn religious vows or major holy orders were also prohibited from matrimony, and the parties to a marriage had to have reached the age of puberty (fourteen for boys, twelve for girls) before they could make a binding contract.